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"Diefer" is a very nice boy.  He is happy to have company, doesn't seem to mind other dogs at all, walks well on a leash, knows some basic commands and loves people.  He is very calm and pays close attention when spoken to.

Diefer returned to DunRoamin' on May 21, 2019 from Florenceville where he had been adopted on December 5, 2015.  He had originally come from Grand Falls on November 18, 2015 where, as a healthy dog, he had been brought to a shelter that had no room for him and our assistance was requested to make sure he had a chance at a good home.  Diefer was born about November 18, 2011 and is a German Shepherd mixed breed. 

Diefer was recently returned to DunRoamin' due to some behavioural concerns, including at least one bite incident.  Since his return, he has not demonstrated any aggression so we are going to work with him to give him a second chance at finding a new home.  Given his history, we will be searching for an experienced home with no young children and someone who is willing to follow up with his required training and handling.  We still strongly believe that he is a loving dog with a lot of potential if given the chance.

Diefer is attentive, obedient and loves to be with humans.  He happily returns to his kennel when requested and comes immediately when called.  He loves to be patted and brushed.  He knows some basic commands, is calm, quiet and loves people. Diefer has experienced some arthritis with his advancing age and would be best suited for shorter walks for exercise.

I'm interested.  How do I meet this dog?

"Ariel" came to DunRoamin' from the NBSPCA on September 26, 2019.  She is a terrier who was very shy and scared upon her arrival - but who wouldn't be?  She weighed about six pounds and had mild tartar on her teeth.  She was dirty and matted - both of which were quickly rectified for her comfort.  She also had dirty ears which were also cleaned.  She was born about September 18, 2017. 

Ariel is a dog we would consider to be semi-feral at this point.  She has not acclimated to life with humans as well as the other puppy mill dogs, and is fearful of most humans.  She will need a very patient and quiet home that is willing to gain her trust and understand that she may never act like a typical domesticated pet.  She also has a heart murmur that will need to be monitored closely by her future vet.

Ariel will resort to biting if she feels threatened by people reaching towards her unexpectedly, like to attach a leash to her collar.  This is why we are requiring that any potential adoptive home has a fenced yard so she can go in and out without the stress of having the leash put on and off multiple times a day.  She has come leaps and bounds in terms of what she will tolerate and her trust level with humans, but she will certainly be a commitment to anyone interested in adopting her.  Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of positive points in her description, but we strive to provide a clear picture early on of the care our dogs will need to those who express interest.