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Critter Classifieds

Welcome to our Critter Classifieds page where you may place a notice about lost/found pets or pets who need re-homing. 

This service is provided by DunRoamin' Stray And Rescue free of charge (although we are grateful for all donations).  However, we must ask that all interactions take place between the individual who asked us to post the notice and those interested in accepting a pet into their home.  Advertisers - please provide as much information as possible for us to put on your ad so that people can easily get in touch directly with you.  Responders - please contact the advertiser directly. DunRoamin' volunteers cannot be responsible for passing on information and cannot provide any more information than what is posted here.

To have a notice posted on our Critter Classifieds page, email the following information to classifieds@dunroaminstrayandrescue.com:
             - Your name
             - Area where you live
             - Phone number
             - E-mail address
             - Pet's name, age, characteristics, neuter/spay status, etc.
             - Photo of your pet
             - Any other pertinent information that you want in the ad

It is important that you notify us by email when an animal has been placed into a home or has been returned to its rightful home, or of any other information changes so that we may provide the correct and most up-to-date information possible on this page. Your notice will stay on our site for three months unless we receive an email otherwise. Please feel free to resubmit after that time if your pet has not yet found a home.


If you can help find either of these cats a good home, please contact Chelsea Caldwell at (506) 863-8210 or x-babygirl66-x@hotmail.com.

Oreo is nine years old and is spayed.  She is white and black with long soft fluffy fur.  She had a heart murmur when she was born, but it has gone away as she aged.  She's very nice and gentle and loves to cuddle and be loved.  She loves her sister, Midnight, and is great with kids and dogs.

Midnight is nine years old also and is spayed.  She is an indoor cat.  She is dark brown with white tips on all four paws.  She has a lot of spunk and a little bit of an attitude but loves to sleep on your pillow and be loved.  She is good with dogs and kids as well.

24 Aug 17

Two 5-year old female cats to give away.  Both are fixed and front paws
declawed.  They love to cuddle their owners when sleeping.  The black and
white one is Gizmo and her sister is Izzy.  They are very sweet but we
are no longer allowed to keep them and need to find them a forever home.

If we can't find thèm a home soon I'm afraid they will need to be put down.  If interested please call Claudette Cote at 506 426 2059 or you
can message me on face book. Screen name dusk till dawn.

5 Oct 17

4 Dec 17


If you are trying to help a lost or found pet, there are many other options which may also be helpful in achieving your goal. Here are a few:
             - call local radio stations to place a lost or found announcement
             - place posters with a photo of your pet as well as your contact information in local area (stores, malls, post office, etc)
             - inform local shelters
             - place a notice on our FaceBook page
             - place an ad at www.kijiji.com or a similar site
             - call local veterinary clinics to report a lost pet or determine if a found pet has been reported to them
             - place a free ad in the Valley Buy and Sell (245-5318 or 1-800-505-1177)


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