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These precious friends left their paw prints on our hearts.
We honour them here with their stories and look forward to seeing them again at Rainbow Bridge.

If you would like to post a memorial for your pet, please send an e-mail to inquiries@dunroaminstrayandrescue.com


"They that love beyond the world cannot be separated. Death cannot kill what never dies. Nor can Spirits ever be divided
that love and live in the same Divine Principle; the Root and Record of their Friendship.
Death is but crossing the world, as Friends to the seas; they live in one another still." ~ William Penn


Miss Hattie Belle Allaby

It is with great sadness that I said goodbye to my beloved Hattie – I can say without any fear that she was the best dog ever.  Hattie went to the Rainbow Bridge today – 18 Jan but she left something behind that I thought I should share – the following is from Miss Hattie:

18 Jan 17 Diary Entry: For the past 7 years I’ve had the absolute best life – I have a mom that loves me, she tells me so every day, and an Auntie Ray who also loves me.  My Nanna is the best Nanna ever and I love Uncle Dave.   But I have a secret – I haven’t told anyone but I think they might have guessed – I don’t feel well – I included a couple of pics – they’re backwards.  The first one was taken today, the second one was taken on 1 Feb 2010 – my first day with my new mom.  I had fun that day.  As you can see, I’m tired and just worn out.  I’m old and I forget things.  I started making messes in the house, which is super embarrassing because I’ve never done that up until the past few months.  I want to tell my mom but I’m scared – scared she won’t love me anymore.  Is it wrong to want to go to sleep and just rest, to go to the Rainbow Bridge and see all the ones I’ve lost?  But I’d miss my mom and it would make her sad, so I think I should hang on for her.  You know what’s really scary?  I can’t remember things. Just last Saturday I even forgot who mom was for a few minutes.  Then I remembered her voice then I knew and remembered her.  What is happening to me?!?  Haven’t I been a good dog??  Just Why?  Oh – there’s mom – she just said we’re going to see Dr Shannon – I like her, she’s super nice. She’s the one who rescued me 7 years ago from those nasty people.  Do you suppose mom knows after all?  Bye for now,

Lots of Love
Hattie Belle Allaby (I love my name.. don’t you?)

"Barton" came to us from Florenceville on March 11, 2017 from the Florenceville area.  He had been in a home but was very hard to catch.  When he was finally caught, it was determined by our vet that he was "blocked," a condition in which urine cannot leave the body due to a blockage, so it fills the bladder and backs up into the body.  Sometimes this condition can be relieved, but Barton's case was so severe and advanced that no course of action was able to help.  He was born about September 11, 2013.

He left us on the afternoon of March 11, 2017.  We wish we had gotten to know you better, Barton.  Rest in peace, little boy.

"Spock" came to us on September 21, 2011 from the Centreville area where he was seen lying on the side of the road.  He was initially thought to be dead, but when his rescuers checked on him, they immediately brought him for help.  He was born about March, 2007.  He had never been neutered, he was very skinny, had a very large number of ear mites which had resulted in a ruptured eardrum.  He also had many bite wounds on his body, including all four feet.  He tested positive for Feline AIDS (FIV).  He was put on antibiotics, parasite medications and pain medications to help him deal with these problems and he soon was doing very well.

Because Spock has FIV, he must either live with no other cats or with cats who already have tested positive for FIV so he does not pass it on to others. He's a very nice boy who was grateful for the warm bed and lots of canned food, which he wolfed down as quickly as it was put in front of him. He was eventually diagnosed with diabetes for which he received medication and special diabetic food.  On November 14, 2011 he went to be fostered with a very nice lady in Woodstock where he has made himself right at home. They were each other's very best friend and each was very fortunate to have the other.

On March 29, 2017, Spock left us.  We are sad that he is no longer with us, but know that he is now healthy and happy at Rainbow Bridge along with so many of our DunRoamin' friends.  We'll see you there one day, Spock. 

"Barbarossa" came to DunRoamin' on June 24, 2012 from Carleton County Animal Shelter in Debec where he had apparently been abandoned.  Some people tried to catch him for several days because he appeared to have an injured hind leg and was drooling badly.  He was eventually live trapped.  Barbarossa was an intact male who was born about June 15, 2010.

He was examined and diagnosed with earmites, marked gingivitis, ulcers and infection on his tongue (thus the drooling, and the pain would have made it very difficult to eat).  He also had several bite wounds on his head and body and a bad wound on his left thigh.  He had most likely been attacked and bitten, perhaps by a dog, fox or coyote.  Barbarossa's injuries were treated and he was neutered and he also needed dental surgery to remove infected teeth.  On August 13, 2013 he went to a foster home with his friend Dizzy and eventually came back to DunRoamin'. 

In December, 2016, Barbarossa was diagnosed with renal (kidney) failure. He was prescribed a Renal diet and sub-cutaneous fluids daily but was otherwise fine.  He received a catheter to deliver these fluids in a very fast, efficient and pain-free manner and he was very happy to have the love and support of his friends at DunRoamin'.  Other than having a bag of fluids attached to his catheter for five minutes daily, he required no additional medical care or support.  His favourite way to pass the time was to chase and carry his toys around our Reception Area and he loved to steal Samuel's bed!  Sam finally gave up and shared it with him, as they had become such very close friends.  On April 6, 2017, Barbarossa was diagnosed with anemia, so we made him as comfortable and happy as possible.  He loved to cuddle and play, so that's what he got to do at every opportunity, thanks to our staff and volunteers who loved him so dearly.

On the evening of April 17, 2017, Barbarossa left us.  He is now happy, healthy and playing in the soft green grass at Rainbow Bridge with his other DunRoamin' friends while he awaits the day we will all see him again.  Be well until then, Barbarossa.  We miss you.

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