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Critter Classifieds

Welcome to our Critter Classifieds page where you may place a notice about lost/found pets or pets who need re-homing. 

This service is provided by DunRoamin' Stray And Rescue free of charge (although we are grateful for all donations).  However, we must ask that all interactions take place between the individual who asked us to post the notice and those interested in accepting a pet into their home.  Advertisers - please provide as much information as possible for us to put on your ad so that people can easily get in touch directly with you.  Responders - please contact the advertiser directly. DunRoamin' volunteers are not able to pass on information or provide any more information than what is posted here.

To have a notice posted on our Critter Classifieds page,please e-mail the following information to inquiries@dunroaminstrayandrescue.com:
             - Your name
             - Area where you live
             - Phone number
             - E-mail address
             - Pet's name, age, characteristics, neuter/spay status, etc.
             - Photo of your pet
             - Any other pertinent information that you want in the ad

It is important that you notify us by email when an animal has been placed into a home or has been returned to its rightful home, or of any other information changes so that we may provide the correct and most up-to-date information possible on this page. Your notice will stay on our site for four months unless we receive an email otherwise. Please feel free to resubmit after that time if your pet has not yet found a home.


Tank is a 2.5 year old, neutered, Chihuahua. He doesn't do well with children. He gets along with other dogs and cats but will also do well being the only pet, as he loves being spoiled. He suffers with anxiety when being left alone for long periods of time. He would do best in a home where he wouldn't be alone.

Contact information:  
Jessica Oliver
Fredericton, NB
506 238 0930
                                                              July 21, 2022
Ginger is a two-year old spayed female. She is a mix of Border Collie and Great Pyrenees. Ginger is a loving family dog and is great with our two children. She is very alpha, meaning she is the boss when other dogs are around. She is also very curious about other animals and needs to be introduced to them slowly. She likes a home with lots of opportunity to walk and/or run around, preferably a fenced yard though should not be left outside unattended. Ginger has a high tolerance for electric fences and has on occasion gone through ours. On one occasion she bit a dog that was walking by. Ginger is a smart dog who is eager to please and would do great in a home with someone who can dedicate the time to train her, including recall and socializing with other animals.

Contact information:  
Meredith Gilbert
Nasonworth, NB
mc_gilbert@hotmail.com                                                              15 Oct 19

"Penny" is a 1 or 2 year old neutered tabby cat who is missing from her home in the Stickney area.  If seen, please contact Roxane Tompkins at 323-9516.

26 Feb 20


If you are trying to help a lost or found pet, there are many other options which may also be helpful in achieving your goal. Here are a few:
             - call local radio stations to place a lost or found announcement
             - place posters with a photo of your pet as well as your contact information in local area (stores, malls, post office, etc)
             - inform local shelters
             - place a notice on your FaceBook page and ask your friends to share it
             - place an ad at www.kijiji.com or a similar site
             - call local veterinary clinics to report a lost pet or determine if a found pet has been reported to them
             - contact the SPCA to determine if that pet is lost or has been found (1-877-722-1522)


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