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Want to adopt a DunRoamin' cat or dog?  Here's how to get started (please read all criteria):

Submit a Pre-Adoption Application.  You can get one by clicking this link or drop in at DunRoamin' to fill out one in person.  Please check out our Adoption Contract also to see what we ask of our adopters.  (We'll ask you to fill that out once you have been approved and have chosen that perfect new family member.)  You can get it to us in one of the following three ways:

a.  e-mail the Pre-Adoption application to inquiries@dunroaminstrayandrescue.com;

b.  mail the application to DunRoamin' Stray and Rescue, 55 Allison Road, Riverbank, Carleton County, NB, E7L 4J1; or

c.   drop the completed form at DunRoamin' Stray and Rescue, 55 Allison Road, Riverbank, NB.    We're open from 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Saturday.

Once we've received and reviewed your application, if you are a good match for one of our cats or dogs, a DunRoamin' volunteer will contact you by e-mail or telephone.  Please make sure your e-mail address and telephone number are legible and check your messages frequently.  As most of our volunteers have full-time jobs, please allow at least 48 hours for a response.  If your application is a match for one of our cats or dogs, we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.  

Finding the perfect home for each of our strays is important to us, so please be patient with the process.  We are volunteers, many with full-time jobs and we frequently receive numerous Pre-Adoption applications for each cat or dog and it may take some time to assess each applicant to determine the best fit for the individual personality and requirement(s) of each pet.  We keep Pre-Adoption applications on file, so if you are not chosen as a match for one cat or dog, please keep an eye on our website.  We never know what cat or dog we may be taking in or when they might be coming.  You may be the perfect match for the next one!

DunRoamin' Adoption Fees:

Cats:  our adoption fee is $250 for cats and kittens.  This includes their spay or neuter,  full vaccines for the first year they are with us, testing for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), testing for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and parasite control.  This adoption fee does not cover the costs already incurred for this pet, but will assist with the care of the next sick, injured, abandoned, abused and/or neglected  cat who comes to our door requiring assistance.

Dogs:  our adoption fee for dogs is $300 for a large dog and $350 for puppies and dogs 25 pounds or less.  This includes their spay or neuter, vaccinations for the first year they are with us and parasite control.  This adoption fee does not cover the costs already incurred for this pet, but will assist with the care of the next sick, injured, abandoned, abused and/or neglected dog who comes to our door requiring assistance.

If you have further questions, please send us a message on Facebook, call our phone line at (506) 328-3380 or contact us by e-mail at inquiries@dunroaminstrayandrescue.com. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.   Please be patient - we are all volunteers who do this work in our spare time. 

During COVID-19, our doors are locked, but curb side service is available (please call ahead and/or ring our doorbell) and adoption interviews are conducted by telephone.  Please submit a Pre-Adopt Application and book an appointment to meet our strays.  Masks/social distancing/sanitizing are all priorities to keep our staff and visitors safe.  Thank you for following COVID practices.  Please stay safe.


DunRoamin' animals are all rescued animals and as such have typically come from poor backgrounds that may have included illness, injury, abuse, neglect and/or lack of food and/or shelter.  After returning each animal to good health, one of our primary priorities is to ensure they are spayed or neutered so that more unwanted cats and dogs are not born into a world where there are not enough homes for the ones already present.  We provide full vaccinations to ensure they are protected from preventable contagious diseases and medication for parasites such as worms, fleas, ear mites, etc.  Our cats are tested for both Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

Our promise to our cats and dogs is that we will provide them with the best home and care possible and we ask that the family who chooses to adopt each one of them will continue to honour this promise.  As such, we take great care in selecting homes for our wards to ensure that they are well matched in every aspect possible.  It is important that our adopters understand and are prepared to undertake the commitment and responsibility necessary to provide lasting care to each adopted pet.

DunRoamin' volunteers will interview adoption applicants to assess such things as their wants, needs, expectations, number and age of people in the home, other family pets, housing situation, availability, experience with pets and many other aspects with a view to determining the best possible match for a cat or dog to join their family.

It is important that adoption applicants understand that the pet for whom they apply may not be "the right" match for them, or vice versa.  Through daily interactions, our volunteers have gained detailed knowledge and experience regarding the characteristics, personalities, likes/dislikes and needs of each DunRoamin' stray.  For example, if an applicant with young children applies for a cat or dog who is not comfortable with young children, we may decline the application for that particular cat or dog, but offer the opportunity to adopt one more suited to living with children.

We frequently receive multiple applications for a particular pet.  Rather than working on a first-come-first-served basis, we carefully choose the best possible match from that group of applicants, always keeping in mind the best interest of the pet.  Those applicants who are approved but not chosen for that particular pet will be offered the opportunity to meet other cats or dogs who may be a better match for them.  Their application will remain on file should they wish to consider another pet.

Our priority is to match our cats and dogs with the best loving home possible.  As such, we have minimum standards that we ask of our adopters:

1.  all existing dogs and cats in the adopter's household must be spayed or neutered unless their regular veterinarian has advised against doing so due to a specific medical concern;

2.  all existing pets in the adopter's household must have a minimum of a current rabies vaccination;

3.  puppies will only be adopted to new homes if all existing dogs are fully vaccinated;

4.  our dogs and puppies are adopted as companion animals only and are expected to be indoor family members.  They will not be adopted out only to be tied outside all day/night and must not be allowed to roam outside unsupervised;

5.  cats must be indoor cats only and not allowed outside unless in a secure enclosure or on a halter and leash;

6.  cats shall never be declawed.  Many alternatives to declawing exist such as Soft Paws, scratching posts, frequent nail trimming, etc;

7.  should the adopter become unable or unwilling to care for their adopted DunRoamin' cat or dog for any reason, the pet shall be returned to DunRoamin' to be reassessed and re-homed if appropriate.  Transfer of ownership without DunRoamin's specific consent is prohibited; and

8.  adopters must agree to provide yearly veterinary assessments for their new pet and keep vaccinations current as recommended by their veterinarian.

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