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Our care should not be to have lived long as to have lived enough.   -Seneca


Donations are gratefully acknowledged in loving memory of the following people:

Rev Lawrence (Bud) Bone by The Crompton Family
Ula Tweedie by The Crompton Family
Irene Jones by Fran McCain
Irene Jones by Marion Bell
Irene Jones by "The Bootjack Girls," Mista, Lyn, Kris and Rach
Irene Jones by Sally Cogswell
Irene Jones by Janet Wile
Flora McCullough, Grandmother and Great Grandmother by Richard, Susan, Brooks & Lauren
Flora McCullough, Great Great Grandmother by Jordan, Jacob, Kaine and Lucas
Flora McCullough by Marie Giberson
Mrs Priscilla Greenlaw by Frances McCain and Barb Digdon
Ronald Brooker by Alden and Linda Henderson
Vera Reid by Alden and Linda Henderson
Bessie Wolverton by Alden and Linda Henderson
Irene Jones by NBTA Local 1430
Beulah Cox by Friends and Strays of the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic
"Aunt Boo" by Lauren Crompton
"Aunt Boo" by Bobbi-Jo, Rob, Jacob and Lucas
Sister "Beulah Cox" by Marion DeMerchant
Stanley Savage by Lori Ann Tweedie, Allana & Jamie

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