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The greatest gift to the dead is not grief but gratitude.  ~Thornton Wilder


Donations are gratefully acknowledged in loving memory of the following people:

Edmund Landry by Alden & Linda Henderson
Fred Wiley by Linda Levensailor and Susan Crompton
Jack Rogers by Alden Henderson
John Shaw by Susanne Hansen
Gregor Hargrove by Marion, Linda, Joanne, Susan and families
In loving memory of our son Gregor Hargrove by Polly & Bernard Hargrove
Hildred Hunter by Janice O'Brien
Hildred Hunter by the Friends and Strays of DunRoamin'
Arthur Dingee by Al & Claudia Quinn
Margaret Seymour by Milo & Margo MacInnis
Dora Crawford by the Friends and Strays of DunRoamin'
Bridget (Betty) Maskell by Terry & Kay Andrews
Dora Crawford by Muriel Hartley
Dora Crawford by Gary & Margaret DeMerchant
Dora Crawford by Charley & Alberta Bell
Dora Crawford by Louise Crawford
Dora Crawford by Pat McLellan & Family
Dora Crawford by Marion McLellan
Dora Crawford by Muriel McLellan
Dora Crawford by Keith & Ann Lovely
Dora Crawford by Roy & Carol DeMerchant
Dora Crawford by Darlene Paterson
Dora Crawford by Krista Wright
Dora Crawford by Elaine Bochoff
Dora Crawford by Bath Fire Department Auxilliary
Margaret Monteith by Alden Henderson & Marie-Anna Boudreau
Laurette Beaulieu by Alden Henderson & Marie-Anna Boudreau
Mary Ruff by Alden Henderson & Marie-Anna Boudreau
Hildred Hunter by Barb Hunter
Kermit Canam by Louella Pelkey
Opal Haines by Jay & Randi Brown, John & Kiska Stephenson & Connie McAdam
Opal Haines by Alden Henderson & Marie-Anna Boudreau
Janet E. Bryson by Alden Henderson & Marie-Anne Boudreau & Linda Henderson
Kevin Quinn by Allison & Claudia Quinn
Lois McIntee by Frances McCain
Glenna Patterson by the Tibbets Family
Myrtle Davenport by Richard, Susan, Brooks & Lauren Crompton
Allan Drost, a true animal lover, by Carolyn Drost
Allan Drost by Larry & Mildred Drost
Allan Drost by the Friends and Strays of DunRoamin'
Allan Drost by Clarence and Lorraine Drost
Keith Lovely by Alden Henderson & Marie-Anna Boudreau
Frances Elliott by Mike, Trudy, Andrew & Emily MacInnis
Flossie Ritchie by Dorothy Drost
Flossie Ritchie by Clarence & Lorraine Drost
Flossie Ritchie by Anne Fenety
Flossie Ritchie by United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 213, Saint John, NB
Hazen Ebbett by Alden Henderson & Marie-Anna Boudreau
Janis Davenport by Pat Allison
Janis Davenport by Susan & Richard Crompton & Family
Janice Davenport by Doris Mossman
Janis Davenport by the Friends & Strays of DunRoamin'
Janis Davenport by Connie Morrison
Janis Davenport by Marilyn Ruff
Janis Davenport by Bonnie & Laurie Murphy
Kyle Adams by Susan & Richard Crompton & Family
Jane Mossman by Fran McCain
Ernest Sherwood by Alden Henderson
Kyle Adams by Jack & Lise McClure
Kyle Adams by Charley & Alberta Bell
Kyle Adams by Rod & Tia Kilcollins
Kyle Adams by Woody Milbury
Kyle Adams by Norman & Kim Hovey and Family
Kyle Adams by Wayne & Janet Haydaman
Kyle Adams by Pat Allison
Kyle Adams by Gillian Allison
Kyle Adams by Krista Allison
Kyle Adams by Harold & Paula Crabbe
Kyle Adams by Elmer & Helen Briggs
Janice Davenport by Carolyn Ogden
Kyle Adams by Alden Henderson & Marie-Anna Boudreau
Kyle Adams by Ferne Chase
Theresa Pierce Dunn by IS HR McCain Foods Ltd
Kyle Adams by James & Nancy Mackenzie
Janis Davenport by Michaela Wright, Michah Wright & Krista Wright
Helen Briggs by Joan Broad
Helen Briggs by Christopher & Sharon Brodbeck
Helen Briggs by Doris Northrup
Helen Briggs by Anonymous Donour
Helen Briggs by Gary & Yvonne Dingee
Helen Briggs by George Findlay
Helen Briggs by Elaine & Bob White
Helen Briggs by Bill & Dorthy Kennett
Helen Briggs by Fran McCain
Helen Briggs by Robert Stephenson
Helen Briggs by Reg & Diana Wasson
Helen Briggs by Terry & Louise Smith
Helen Briggs by Sharon Dyer
Kyle Adams by Byron & Loretta McGrath
Helen Briggs by Neville & Wendy Rea
Kyle Adams by Jeff & Karen Purcell & Family
Kyle Adams by Jeannie & Weldon Matthews
Helen Briggs by Doug & Daryl Elmslie
Orland Budrow by Richard, Susan, Brooks & Lauren Crompton
Winston Morton by Richard, Susan, Brooks & Lauren Crompton
Winston Morton by Linda Levensailor
        Winston Morton by Fran McCain          

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