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These precious friends left their pawprints on our hearts.
We honour them here with their stories and look forward to seeing them again at Rainbow Bridge.


Tillman came to DunRoamin' on December 28, 2010 from Bath where he was an injured stray who had been seen in the area for several weeks.  A kind couple was trying to catch him, but he had thwarted their efforts until yesterday.  He's about four or five years old.

He was brought to DunRoamin' and examined by Dr Drost where the following was noted:  his body was in decent condition thanks to the people who had been leaving him food; he had fleas and earmites; his right eye was injured; he had a tumour in his right ear which was very painful; he had numerous bleeding cuts and scratches; and there was a very strong odour of infection about him from pus-filled injuries.  He would not have survived much longer during this cold weather.

Tillman's medical n
eeds were addressed, and although he hissed and spit at first, he quickly recognized that he was being helped, and settled in to his warm Snuggle Safe, soft blankets and large bowls of food and water.  During the late afternoon, he actually purred while his head was being rubbed!  He's happy to be safe and warm.

Sadly, Tillman was diagnosed with FIV, an untreatable feline disease which affects the immune system.  He passed away on January 5, 2011, knowing that he was warm, safe, pain-free and loved.
On February 10th, 2011, I had to say goodbye to my beautiful dog Rosie.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  In my heart I know that I was the luckiest person in the world to have her in my life, even though she was taken too soon.

Rosie wasn't quite six years old.  She was born on May 25, 2005 to a DunRoamin' stray named Edie.  Poor Rosie had health issues from the beginning.  If there was something unusual that could happen to a dog, it would be Rosie.  Over her life she had more than one episode where I was sure we would lose her.  Nothing ever seemed to make her completely better.

In September 2009, Doctor's Drost & Monteith decided that a special diet might be worth a try.  So, with nothing to lose, Rosie started on a homemade diet.  What a difference!  My “poor, sad, sick Rosie” perked up, gained weight and got her energy back.  She started playing with the other dogs.  She was running in the woods.  Basically, Rosie became the dog she was meant to be.  Life was good! 

As sad as I am today, when I think back over the past year and a half, I know that Rosie had the best life.  She was taken from us too soon, but the life she had since 2009 made up for what she might have missed earlier on.  The days before Rosie died were good ones and she died happy, with gravy on her face.

Be a good girl, Rosie, and I will see you again some day.
Luke originally was seen during the cold winter months of 2000 running along the highway near Perth-Andover.  He was picked up and brought for help.  He had frostbite on his paws, and needed a family.  He was probably at least three years old at that time, and ever since his paws hurt him in the cold weather.

In April of 2000 he was adopted by a lady in Howard Brook after he chose her by sitting on her feet!  Luke loved so many things:  digging holes, his dog house, sleeping in front of the wood stove, riding on the four-wheeler, his heated bed, his brother Capture and his mother.  He was very protective of his home and family, and he had the best life he could ever have dreamed of.

On February 11, 2011, Luke left us.  He will be sadly missed.  He was a very good boy.

If I had known it was your last night, would I have held you closer?  Not possible, is it, Shel?  There was no space between us.

If I had known, would I have told you "I love you" more often?  Not possible, is it, Shel?  "Mummy loves you, precious Dolly" was the way we talked.

If I had known how much it would hurt to say goodbye to you, would I opt not to bring you home?  Not a chance, little girl!

Shelby is a classic example of someone's junk becoming my treasure.  The hurt over losing her has turned to anger directed at her abuser of a lifetime ago.  Why did you take your fists to her?  I have spent eleven years loving what you tried to crumble in a few short months.

We need to open our hearts, minds, homes and speak out.  We need to tell rescuers of abused animals that they are wonderful.  This is the only paycheque they get.  We need to support fundraising endeavours.  Imagine if everyone gave up one coffee per week and dropped the coins in a jar.  We need to pray that every human being can experience a "love" like this.  Then . . . when the abusers feel what I am feeling, we will be well on our way to stopping animal abuse.

Take time to thank these people.  Take time to thank the veterinarians - this did not come as a requirement with their diploma.  Take time to thank people like the gentleman I saw donating a bagful of rolled change.  You, Sir, left me speechless.

So, today when I scrape her little paw prints off my deck, I will be thinking of her abuser.  Do I feel sorry for myself?  You bet, buddy boy, but not as sorry as I feel for you.

You lost and I won.                                             

13 Feb 11

Dolly was my mom's dog, and when mom passed I gladly gave her a home.  We had her since she was ten weeks old, andthe sweetest little dog you'd ever meet.  I never left her home.  She always went everywehre with me.   She passed away in 2004 at the age of 18 years.  I miss her so much!

February 20
Kimo would have been nine years old in April of 2011.  I got him when he was six weeks old and he was so kind.  He loved other animals, inclduing my parrots, and never once hit or clawed.  He would wrap his little paws around your neck and hug you.

February 2011
On January 31, 2011, the temperatures plunged below -25*, and  Norma came to the home of a senior citizen in Riverbank asking for help.  She was cold and hungry, as well as very scared.  The lady could not keep her for several reasons, so late in the evening she came to DunRoamin' where she was immediately fed and given a nice warm bed with a heated Snuggle Safe.

Norma was only about six months old, and is a beautiful little girl.  She is very friendly and loving, once she gets her bearings and is reassured that she's okay now.  She sleeps happily on her heated Snuggle Safe - it's so much better than that cold snow!  She's obviously been someone's cat, because she's very loving and affectionate.

On March 23, 2011, it was determined that Norma had FIP, a terrible disease she most likely acquired through her unvaccinated mother.  There is no cure and no treatment.  Norma left us on this day, and she will be sadly missed.  We're grateful she had warmth, food, friends and love in her last few months, and we're grateful for the honour of having known her.

Itchy was so named because he had a very bad skin condition which made him itchy, and he constantly scratched himself raw as a result.  Much of his fur had been scratched off and his skin was red and raw.  He had been living in a shelter, and was deemed unadoptable because of his condition, so was due to be euthanized. He came to DunRoamin' on April 12, 2007 where he began treatment.  Itch went to see a skin specialist in PEI who determined that he required a special diet and a shirt to keep him from scratching.  This diet worked well for him, but scratching had become habit, and the shirt protected him.  Itch came to have quite an extensive wardrobe which he loved.  His fur grew back in, and he showed us his beautiful physical side to match his great personality.

Itchy loved people and talked to them at every opportunity.  He also loved other cats, especially little kittens, with whom he played and taught kitty manners.  Because of Itchy's condition, required treatment, and the fact that all the staff at the Clinic had fallen in love with him (especially Dr Drost), on September 17, 2007 it was confirmed that he would be a permanent mascot of the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic, along with Frank and Richard.  He lived there quite happily, greeting new clients in his well-dressed manner.  On March 14, 2008 Itch went to live with Lynn, because she had fallen in love with him and could not resist his charms.  He couldn't possibly have had a better home or a more caring mother.

On March 31, 2011, Itchy left us.  We're all very sad today.  He taught us that everyone deserves a chance and that if you get that chance you should make the most of it.  Itchy did just that.  We miss him.  We'll see you again some day, Itchy.

Dahlia was born about 2002 and came to DunRaomin' on March 22, 2010 from the Muniac area where she came to a home where she was so hungry she helped herself to some dog food.  She was anemic, had an old hematoma on her ear and had very bad fleas.  She was obviously on her own and had experienced a hard time trying to survive.  She was immediately taken in and was treated for all her injuries.

Dahlia was extremely lucky to be chosen by a very loving person, so on October 12, 2010, she went to live with her.  Dahlia had a wonderful life and was dearly loved. 

Unfortunately, on May 9, 2011, she passed away.  She was very fortunate to have had such a loving family, and the family was fortunate to have her.  We're all grateful for having known her, and our world is better for having had her in it.

Rita came to a home in Jacksontown on Friday night, May 13, 2011.  She needed help, so was brought to DunRoamin' the following Monday.  Rita was examined and found to be about a year old, although she looked like a kitten.  She was skinny, her rectum was prolapsed (sticking out), she had a tail injury, and her left hip joint was broken, as well as her pelvis.  It is suspected she had been struck by a car in the recent past.  Because of her problem with her rectum, she had feces all over her back end which she was unable to clean.  She must have been in a great deal of pain.

Rita was accepted by DunRoamin'  and x-rays were taken of her injuries.  She would have required a few weeks of rest to heal.  Unfortuantely, she had sustained internal injuries also, and her bladder was badly damaged.  Rita left us on Friday afternoon, May 27, 2011.  We're grateful she was warm, safe, happy, loved and pain free in her final days.
On May 26, 2011, while in the Debec area, Dr Monteith notifced a pregnant stray running loose.  She picked her up, realizing that she needed help.  Only a very few  hours later, Joplin gave birth to six little kittens.  She's grateful for the warm bed, food, and safe place for her and her family which consists of one boy and six girls.

Hendrix, Etheridge, Ronstadt, Stevie, Nicks and Benatar (two tabbies, three orange, and one white) were born between 2 and 4 pm on May 25, 2011.  They're tiny little balls of fluff who look forward to having great lives.

Sadly, Hendrix was born with deformities, and he passed away on May 27, 2011, less than 24 hours after his birth.  He was a beautiful little orange boy, and we're grateful that he's okay now. 
Sergeant Pepper came to us on November 5, 2010, from the Red Bridge area when he was about four months old.  He was one of several feral cats dropped off at the home of people who were moving away.  These people made sure that all cats were fed, safe, healthy, and spayed or neutered.

Sgt Pepper had many parasites, and was much younger than all the other cats.  He was very skinny, and not at all as scared as the others.  He needed to be fed by syringe for a bit, but quickly became stronger, and definitely became a cuddle cat.  He had a real knack for "lounging."  He became a permanent resident of the Florenceville Vet Clinic where he was adored by the staff.  He's a beautiful pewter grey, and his front teeth are long and make him look like a vampire!  Some of his friends had taken to calling him "Fang," and he kind of liked it!

Pepper was spoiled beyond his wildest dreams, eating nothing but the best variety of canned and dry food, which he was served at his every whim.  He could frequently been seen lounging on Janice's desk or riding on Lynn's shoulders as they went about their work.  And he was a favourite of many DunRoamin' volunteers, especially the Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon group, who couldn't wait to get the work done so they could spend time with him and his best friend Montana, whom he adored, as she did him.

Pepper was diagnosed with FIP, an incurable cat disease.  He was fortunate to live such a long and spoiled life, and have the love of so many people.  On May 27, 2011, Pepper left us.  We are better people for having known him, and sadder people to have him with us no more.  We'll see you again, Sergeant Pepper.  We love you!
Pawwsey came to DunRoamin' on April 21, 2011, when he was found lying on the road by a lady who delivers mail out back of Bath, NB.  She knew he needed help, and brought him right away.  He's very lucky that she did.

Pawwsey was diabetic, was in kidney failure, had a dislocated hip, very few teeth, was emaciated and was covered with grease, to name a few of his problems.  He was at least ten years old and was smokey grey in colour.  Pawwsey was fostered and cared for by a Vet Tech since he required such intensive medical care.

Only having had him one day, the Vet Tech reported that he had an awesome personality.  He was very loving, affectionate and grateful for the medical care and the love and support he received.  He also loved dogs.

On June 10, Pawwsey left us.  He was an amazing boy who was fortunate to have been cared for by a great vet staff and a loving foster mother.  The last few weeks of his life were filled with love, ear rubs, delicious and plentiful food, affection, soft beds, cat and dog friends, and human companionship.  We wish you could have stayed a little longer, Pawwsey, but you deserve to move on to a better place.  We'll see you there someday.  We miss you.
Maxine came to DunRoamin' on July 24, 2011, from the Plymouth Road area of Woodstock, NB, where she and twelve of her friends and family had been intentially dumped on a dead-end dirt road.  They were all in very poor physical condition, and would most likely have not survived the night on their own.  Maxine was only about six months old.  DunRoamin' volunteers and friends rescued them all, and they were treated and recovered well, although some had permanent physical injuries such as badly-injured eyes, and all had really bad upper respiratory conditions, even though they were just young.

On December 24, 2010, Maxine and her sister Halli were invited to spend Christmas with a very loving and compassionate couple who thought the world of them and treated them like the queens they are.  In this home they were treated with the love, compassion and respect they deserved, and they were truly fortunate to have such a loving family.

Sadly, on July 11, 2011, Maxine passed away from a severe liver condition.  Her human and feline friends are all sad this day, and we'll all miss her.  We are forever grateful that, having had such a poor start in life, she was able to experience true love from a family who gave her everything of which she ever dreamed.  We'll see you again, Maxine, at Rainbow Bridge.
This is Carey. On May 30, 2011, three mothers and a total of their 11 kittens came to DunRoamin' from Mainstream where the moms had sought shelter for their babies under the home of a man who was staying in Saint John undergoing cancer treatment.  There was no one to care for them.  Carey and his siblings were only about four weeks old.  They were accepted by DunRoamin' and were so fortunate to go to loving foster homes.  Two of the "C" litter, as they were called, were ill. 

Although one recovered with medical intervention, little Carey was unable to do so.  He left us on July 15, 2011, warm, cuddled, safe, loved and surrounded by friends as he has been since he came to DunRoamin'.   We thank everyone who had a hand in caring for this little guy, because the last six weeks of his life were full of love and warmth, something he would never have experienced otherwise.  He will not be forgotten.
Lynx and his sister Miss Muffet were found at the Carleton Co-Op in Florenceville on October 10, 2007.  They had been born about the middle of September, 2007.  On February 19, 2008, they were adopted into a family in Florenceville with two young children and a Corgi, where he was renamed Lincoln.  He loved his family immensely.  Sadly, Lincoln left us in July, 2011.  His family loved him and will always remember him.

"Here is our piano cat. He always managed to find a place to lie down even when his mother insisted on putting ridiculous ornaments on top. He never broke a single one.  Linky was a great hunter and a super snuggler with a big motor.  We will miss him."
Little Jiffy came to us on July 20, 2011 from the Hartland area where he ad been born to a stray.  People had tried to help the family, and were hand feeding little Jiffy, but he was not doing well.  He was brought to DunRoamin' where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and very bad fleas.

Despite supportive medical care, Jiffy was not strong enough to survive.  He left us on July 25, 2011.  We're grateful to know that he had love, compassion and the best possible chance at life.  He was warm and knew love.

"Fearless Fang," kd Lang and Orange Tang came to us from Woodstock on July 21, 2011.  They had no one to care for them, and some of their siblings had even been run over.  They were born around the first of June and were starving, had infected eyes, worms and fleas.  They're very timid and need lots of cuddling and socialization. Dr Drost rescued them and they stayed with her and her 11 dogs.  They're all males, and have been referred to as the feline equivalent of the Trailer Park Boys.

Sadly, Fang and his siblings were diagnosed with FIV, and they left us on August 22, 2011. They're in a much better place, and we'll see them again at Rainbow Bridge.

"kd Lang," Orange Tang and Fearless Fang came to us from Woodstock on July 21, 2011.  They had no one to care for them, and some of their siblings had even been run over.  They were born around the first of June and were starving, had infected eyes, worms and fleas.  They're very timid. Dr Drost rescued them and they stayed with her and her 11 dogs.  They're all males, and are referred to as the Trailer Park Boys.

Sadly, kd lang and his siblings were diagnosed with FIV, and they left us on August 22, 2011. They're in a much better place, and we'll see them again at Rainbow Bridge.

"Orange Tang," Fearless Fang and kd Lang came to us from Woodstock on July 21, 2011.  They had no one to care for them, and some of their siblings had even been run over.  They were born around the first of June and were starving, had infected eyes, worms and fleas.  They were very timid. Dr Drost rescued them and they stayed with her and her 11 dogs.  They're all males, and have been referred to as the feline equivalent of the Trailer Park Boys.

Sadly, Tang and his siblings were diagnosed with FIV, and they left us on August 22, 2011. They're in a much better place, and we'll see them again at Rainbow Bridge.

"Fila" came to us on August 31, 2011 from Woodstock where she and her mom and four siblings were covered with fleas so badly that they were anemic. They were also starving and cold. Sadly, Fila, was unable to survive and passed away shortly after coming through the door. The others, three boys (Nike, Reebox and DC) and Puma required intensive vet care, but they seem to be doing okay. They were born about July 30, 2011.

Fila is now warm, safe and in a much better place. We're glad for that.

On Thursday evening, September 1, 2011, a lady called from Knowlesville where she had just come upon a cat lying in the road. The cat had obviously been struck by a car, but no one had stopped. At first she thought she was already dead, but upon checking, she found the beautiful little grey and white girl was still alive. She immediately loaded her into her car and headed for the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic where Dr Monteith awaited her arrival, ready to do her best to help save her.

Unfortunately, this little girl whom we named Sue Ellen did not make it to the Clinic. She passed away in the warm car with someone talking to her in a soft and loving voice, rather than lying alone on cold pavement. We'd like to thank this lady for helping Sue Ellen. We know she'll be waiting for her at Rainbow Bridge.

"Puma" came to us on August 31, 2011 from Woodstock where she and her mom and four siblings were covered with fleas so badly that they were anemic. They were also starving and cold. One of the kittens, Fila, was unable to survive and passed away shortly after coming through the door. The others, three boys (Nike, Reebok and DC) and Puma required intensive vet care, and they seemed to be doing okay. They were born about July 30, 2011.

Unfortunately, on September 2, 2011, despite all possible medical assistance, little Puma passed away. She'll be waiting at Rainbow Bridge with her sister, Fila, and we'll see them again there.

On June 10, 2010, "Mufasa" came to DunRoamin' from a shelter at which he had been left by his family when he had become sick and didn't want to eat.  He was diagnosed with a high temperature due to a stress-related glucose problem and had to be syringe-fed in order to ensure he got the nutrition he required.  Mufasa was diagnosed with diabetes, and had to have a syringe of medicine each morning and evening. He was about ten years old, and he loved to cuddle as much as he possibly could! With care and lots of lovin' Mufasa became much more healthy.   

On December 10, 2010, Mufasa went to live with Lynn in Connell where he received the best care possible.  He lived there with his many dog and cat friends, but unfortunately, his diabetes became worse, regardless of the extensive medical care he received.

On September 2, 2011, Mufasa left us. He will be missed by his human family, his four-legged family and his extended family of friends at the Florenceville Vet Clinic. He is also missed very much by his girlfriend, Sugar. We all look forward to seeing you again at Rainbow Bridge, Mufasa.

"Ramsey" came to us on the evening of August 29, 2011 from Centreville where he had climbed out of a ditch and collapsed on a lawn. Recognizing his trouble, his saviours brought him to DunRoamin' where he was evaluated.

Ramsey is approximately five years old and had a bad eye infection and an ear infection also. He was starving and limped on his front legs. He also had compacted poop in his colon. He had never been neutered. His constipation was treated and he was put on antibiotics to help with the infection.

Sadly it was learned that he had a condition found rarely in cats that did not allow his intestines to work properly. He would be in a continuous state of nausea and pain and he was beyond our ability to help. On September 19, Ramsey left us. We'll miss him and will look forward to seeing him at Rainbow Bridge one day.

"Bogart" came to us on October 12, 2011 when he was rescued by the SPCA. He was in his mid-teens and was deaf. He was in danger of being euthanized, and only because, even after finally being rescued, he was deemed "unadoptable" because of his age, and he had no one to love him or give him the proper care that any dog deserves. DunRoamin' couldn't let that happen. Bogie is an exceptionally nice boy who is very grateful to be in a foster home with lots of food, a soft bed and warmth for his tired old bones. He's currently living with numerous other dogs who all love him, and he returns the sentiment. He's a Doberman crossbreed who loves all things, especially now that he has the pleasure of experiencing what life should really be like. He's been spoiled beyond any of his dreams with lots of food, warmth and love, and he certainly enjoyed all of it, especially the love and attention.

We're sad to report that Bogart passed away on October 17, 2011. His heart was unable to recuperate from his years of less-than-perfect care. We're grateful to know that his last days were full of love and affection, and he finally knew those joys and more. We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Bogie.

"Tom" came to us 15 years ago from the local SPCA where we were living at the time.  Already a "mature" cat, he fit easily into our home and our hearts.   He loved sleeping in that space between the pillows on the bed so he could reach out in the night and make sure we were still there.  Always John’s cat, he loved getting up on John’s lap to be brushed.  He LOVED his canned food!   He tolerated the younger cats and dog who came into our home – letting them share the pillow with him as long as they didn’t fidget too much.  His passing this week has left an empty space in our home but we will always be grateful for the many years we had with him. We will also be grateful for the fact that for the last 15 years of his life – regardless of what may have happened during the first five or six – he was happy, warm and contented.  We’ll miss you, Tommy. 18 Oct 11

"Doug" came to us on December 2, 2011, from the Williamstown area where he had been discovered unconscious and seizuring. He was immediately brought for help. Doug was only about a month old, had fleas, was thin and cold.

Medical assistance was able to get him to the point where he was eating (as you can see by the food on his face in this photo!) He couldn't seem to get enough into him, and he was fostered by a vet tech to ensure he got the best medical care possible. Doug loved to cuddle up to his Womb Bear, a soft and warm stuffed animal which emits a sound like his mommy's heartbeat. He tried really hard, but sadly, even with the best of medical care, Doug left us early in the morning on December 3, 2011. He wasn't with us long, but while he was, he knew warmth, food, security, compassion and love. We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Doug.

"Moxie" came to us from the Glassville area on December 14, 2011. She was experiencing kidney failure, and her family had done all they could possibly do for her. She was only about two years old, and her vet thought there still might be something that could be done for her. Moxie spent time the next week with several vets and their staff who quickly became very close to her. She loved to help them eat their lunch and enjoyed their compassion and company, but despite all efforts, they were unable to cure her disease. Moxie left us on December 20, 2011. She will be greatly missed. We'll see you at Rainbow Bridge, Moxie.

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