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These precious friends left their paw prints on our hearts.
We honour them here with their stories and look forward to seeing them again at Rainbow Bridge.

If you would like to post a memorial for your pet, please send an e-mail to inquiries@dunroaminstrayandrescue.com

Pet Memorials 2016

"They that love beyond the world cannot be separated. Death cannot kill what never dies. Nor can Spirits ever be divided
that love and live in the same Divine Principle; the Root and Record of their Friendship.
Death is but crossing the world, as Friends to the seas; they live in one another still." ~ William Penn

"Scar" originally came to DunRoamin' on July 29, 2013 when he was found on the side of the road in Oakland where he had most likely been struck by a vehicle.   His injuries included damage to his left eye, a skull fracture and a broken left hind leg. He was so cold that his temperature wouldn't even register. He was born about March 15, 2013.  All injuries were addressed and, happy and healthy again, he was adopted on August 31, 2013, but was returned to DunRoamin' on December 7, 2015 due to the fact that he was experiencing problems breathing and could walk only a few feet before being exhausted.  

It was suspected that Scar may have a heart condition exacerbated by his obesity.  He was put on a strict diet and prescribed several medications to help him, but it was just not to be. His condition could not be reversed.

On the afternoon of January 6, 2016, Scar passed away.  We are very saddened by our loss of such a special little boy and vow to redouble our efforts to help these little ones.  We will see you again at Rainbow Bridge and will be happy to see you running, playing and purring in the warm grass and sunshine.  In the meantime, you are missed.

"Bliss" and her sisters Chyler and Trickle all came to DunRoamin' on November 18, 2015 from Grand Falls.  The people who had them requested that they be euthanized because they were too wild.  These three little girls were only about three  and a half months old, born about August 1, 2015.

All three were in decent health, although they were slightly skinny and had fleas.  Their parasites were treated and they got lots of healthy food so they could put on some weight.  They were initially scared, but a little love and compassion went a long way and they realized quickly that they were among friends. 

We were devastated to learn that Bliss was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), an untreatable affliction.  She left us on January 13, 2016.  We, her friends in Copper's Room and her sisters miss her dearly and are grateful that we were able to know and love her for the short time she was with us.  We'll see you again.

"Token" came to DunRoamin' on April 16, 2016 from the Woodstock area where he and his brother Knight and sister Asia had been found all alone.  The people thought the mom was a stray who was under their house, but couldn't find her.  They had been feeding the kittens by bottle but they were not not responding as they should and hadn't eaten for more than a day.  The people asked for help and one of our volunteers quickly responded

She picked up all three kittens and began to warm and feed them.  Both Token and his brother Knight were larger than their sister, but they soon all began to gain weight and become more healthy.  Token and his siblings were reunited with their mom when she was found the next day.  They were born about March 25, 2016.

We are sad to report that in the early hours of May 4, 2016, Token left us.  He had begun to feel poorly the previous day and despite professional medical care he was unable to recover.  He is grateful to have had the love and care of his foster mother and that his mom and siblings have the opportunity to become part of loving families.  Thanks to their friend who loved and cared for him and for all her dedication to these little ones.  They are all grateful to have such a dedicated and caring individual in their lives, as are we.

"Henley" and her mom and four siblings came to DunRoamin' on May 3, 2016, from the Hartland area where a kind couple had taken in her mom last fall.  Her mom had become pregnant and gave birth to five little kittens on March 24, 2016.  Due to medical issues, the couple was no longer capable of caring for her and her babies.

Henley was small for her age, weighing only a little more than half the weight of her siblings.  She did not eat well on her own and had to be fed nutritious food by syringe every six to eight hours until she could be capable of eating well on her own and gaining weight.  She was a very quiet little girl. 

Henley was fortunate to have the medical expertise of the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic and the care of a foster father who loved her dearly.  He spent hours caring for her, ensuring she was warm, safe, loved and fed every four hours to get the best possible assistance in overcoming her medical issues.  Sadly, Henley left us on the afternoon of May 12, 2016, despite all assistance rendered.  We are glad that she had the love and care that she did for the short time she was with us.  She will be missed.

"Morley" originally came to DunRoamin' on February 16, 2008, when she was found on the Westmorland Bridge in Fredericton.  She was hungry, cold and had an ice beard and chunks of mud attached to her fur.  On March 15, 2008, she was so fortunate to find a loving family in Fredericton which included a wonderful gentleman and his four-legged family, several of whom were ex-DunRoamin' strays.  Sadly, we lost Morley on April 18, 2016. She will be sorely missed.

"Morley came home with me 8 years ago. The first night she slept on the floor in my bedroom. After that she slept wherever she wanted to (mostly on the bed).

She was friendly to all people, most dogs and even tolerated cats. This was fortunate since she had to live with four of them. She only ran into one skunk (she lost). She wouldn't chase a ball if it was covered in gravy. She never ate a cat but she loved to snap at them and occasionally bark at them (that got their attention).

She loved the car even more than walks.  She really loved cat and people food. She had one 'accident' in 8 years.  Even at the end she patiently waited for me to take her out.

I will never be able to replace her, all the joy she brought me is worth the pain of losing her."                                                      18 Apr 16

Buddy Allaby: 13 May 2016

Buddy’s early history is unknown – he showed up in Jacksonville NB one evening eating food from a dish set out for strays, or trying to as another one was chasing him out, having already claimed the food. It was apparent right away that he wasn’t feral.  He was brought to the local vet clinic where it was determined that he had to have his teeth removed and a wound on his leg tended to.  He was surrendered to DunRoamin’ (named Ephraim) but his story doesn’t end there.  As agreed, he went home with his rescuer as a foster child - October 2012, and in January 2013 was adopted by her.   Buddy was very much loved and on one trip to see Dr Shannon at the vet clinic he was found to be a sick little boy with pancreatic issues.  He started having to take medicine daily.  On 12 May, his loving mother and Auntie Ray discovered his medicine had stopped working.  On the 13th of May 2016 with the assistance of Dr Mike at the Florenceville Vet Clinic, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge where he is happy and completely healthy.
Buddy was so much more than just the facts as listed above – he was sweet, warm, loving, not the least bit mean.  His favourite past time was sleeping – likely due to the fact that he was sick more than being overly lazy.  He could usually be found on Auntie Ray’s bed curled up and resting.  That’s not to say that he never played or got into squabbles, just that he was a peaceful little guy that didn’t like to fight.  He made friends with everybody – even the one he was fighting for food with, Garfield (who was also rescued – this time by Auntie Ray). On his last day he fell asleep purring – and being petted and talked to by his two favourite humans.  He will be missed and there is a Buddy shaped hole at his home in Jacksonville but he’s no longer sick or in pain. Have fun across the Rainbow Bridge Bud!!!

"Fabio" and his four siblings came to DunRoamin' on the evening of May 27, 2016 from Newbridge.  Their mom had been found dead and they had no one left to care for them.  They were born on May 18, 2016.

Fabio and his family would like to thank Dr Monteith for coming in after hours after a very long and hard work week to ensure that they were safe, healthy and that their new caregivers were properly briefed on the care required by these little ones.  They had to be fed by syringe every few hours and stimulated to pee and poop until they were able to do so on their own.  We thank Archie and Lorna for taking over the role of mom for these very fortunate little ones.

We are very sad to report that on the afternoon of June 24, 2016, Fabio left us.  His siblings and foster family miss him greatly, but know they will see him again at Rainbow Bridge.  You were loved, Fabio, and you are missed.

"Saunders" came to DunRoamin' on June 27, 2016 from the Florenceville area where he was found on the road.  He was born about March 27, 2016.  He was dehydrated and had numerous injuries including a fractured jaw, a broken right front leg and intestinal injuries.  Saunders was a beautiful black and white little boy with medium-length hair.

Despite medical intervention, Saunders was unable to survive.  We are glad he was with caring people at the end and know that he's now pain-free and playing in the cool grass at Rainbow Bridge. 

"Valentina" and her four siblings came to DunRoamin' on the evening of May 27, 2016 from Newbridge.  Their mom had been found dead and they had no one to care for them.  They were born on May 18, 2016.

Valentina and her family would like to thank Dr Monteith for coming in after hours after a very long and hard work week to ensure that they were safe, healthy and that their new caregivers were properly briefed on the care required by these little ones.  They had to be fed by syringe every few hours and stimulated to pee and poop until they were able to do so on their own.  We thank Archie and Lorna for taking over the role of mom for these very fortunate little ones.

Sadly, Valentina was not able to survive.  She left us on the afternoon of June 28, 2016.  She is dearly missed by her foster family and her siblings.  We are all grateful for the love and care provided by her foster family while she was with us. 

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
                                                                ~ Eden Ahbez 

Valentina knew this well.

"Nexus" came to DunRoamin' on May 19, 2016, when she was born to Tesla, a cat who was trying to survive at an abandoned home in Brighton, NB.  She was fortunate to be fostered with her mother, brother and sister in Connell.  She is a beautiful little calico kitten.  All of these little kittens had upper respiratory infection and sadly, Nexus was unable to overcome it.

She passed away on July 4, 2016.  She will be sadly missed by her family of felines, humans and all her friends.  She is now healthy, happy and playing in the warm sunshine with her new friends at Rainbow Bridge.

"Soprano" and his three sisters Bass, Tenor and Alto were found in a small cardboard box on DunRoamin's doorstep early on the morning of August 30, 2014.  They had external parasites and upper respiratory infection and were very tiny.  All their troubles were treated.

They were born about June 17, 2014.  They are very loving and full of playful energy.  They love to wrestle, run and play and are very affectionate!  Soprano is especially loving and likes to sit on your shoulder and purr.  He has a great singing voice!  He has had some trouble recently with a suspected tumour, but he is now doing very well.

On February 11, 2015, Soprano and his sister Bass went to stay in a foster home near Perth-Andover where Soprano got the very best of love and care from his foster family.  However, his tumour returned and he underwent chemotherapy to help combat it, which worked wonderfully for some time.  However, on July 7, 2016, Soprano lost his battle, but made his way to Rainbow Bridge where he is healthy and feeling great again.  He's waiting there for Archie, the best friend he's ever had.  We are all grateful that these little guys have such loving people caring for them.  It makes all the difference in their worlds.

"Catsy Cline" came to us on May 29, 2015 from the Centreville area where she was a stray who had no one to care for her.  She was born about June 1, 2005 and was thin, dehydrated, had fleas and a doughy abdomen.  She was also missing a lot of hair from her back.  She was diagnosed with food allergies and was provided with a Hypo-allergenic diet which made a great difference for her.  She felt much better, regained a healthy appetite, no longer scratched herself and her fur grew back in beautifully. 

Catsy loved affection and she loved all her friends.  Sadly, she was diagnosed with a form of cancer, so she decided she'd like to stay with us, being spoiled as much as was humanly possible, and she got her wish.  She loved to spend time with her friends in our Reception area and was the life of the party.  She ate well, maintained her weight and she was very happy to have her friends visit and pay her such a great deal of attention.  She talked to us incessantly, especially if she wanted her pillows fluffed or her Snuggle Safe heated up!!

We are so very sad to report that Catsy left us on the evening of July 18, 2016.  She told us that it was time to go and thanked all her friends who have loved her so dearly for the last year of her life.  She will be missed by all of us who so often heard her "mew" in greeting and complain when her bed had a wrinkle (or other cat!) in it.  Catsy was a unique and well-loved little girl and we will be happy to see her again at Rainbow Bridge.  She'll be laying in the cool grass under a beautiful maple tree with all the other DunRoamin' cats and dogs waiting to see all their friends again.  We are grateful to have been a part of your world, Catsy.  We'll miss you, but we'll see you again.

On the evening of September 23, 2016, four baby kittens, Astra, Lando, (girls) Twilight and Kade (males), came to us who were born about three days earlier, on September 20th.  Their mom was no longer around, perhaps the victim of foxes in the area, as she was a stray living near a farm.  Kind rescuers saw the kittens needed help. 

These little ones were in dire straits.  Probably not having had nutrition in a couple of days, they were very hungry.  Their body temperatures were also low and they needed a heated environment.  They also had not peed or pooped, perhaps for as long as two or three days.

Sadly, Twilight, Kade and Lando were unable to survive, despite the immediate and intensive medical assistance provided to them.  We are grateful to all who helped these little ones - they were warm, safe and had a chance.  The love they received will stay with them and they will stay with us in our memories.

"Pax" came to DunRoamin' on May 19, 2016, when she was born to Tesla, a stray who was trying to survive near Hartland.  She is a beautiful little grey and white kitten.  She and her siblings all had upper respiratory which was quickly addressed.  She has beautiful fur with long white guard hairs which give her an aura of beauty beyond imagination!

We are sad to report that Pax became ill with pericardial effusion which is a collection of fluid around the heart which prevents it from filling properly.  She left us on the evening of September 26, 2016.  Her brother Reeve, her foster family and all her DunRoamin' friends are sad tonight.  She will be missed.  We'll see you again, Pax.

"Marsden" came to DunRoamin' on August 27, 2014 from Bedell where he had been a stray who was hanging around a house for about a week.  People there saw that he needed medical help as he was very thin and looked hungry, but would not eat much at all when they set food out for him.  He was born about August 27, 2001.

Marsden was diagnosed as being emaciated, severely matted and he had severe earmites and ticks.  He also had a fractured upper canine tooth and marked periodontal disease which explained his problem with not eating - that must have hurt!  Marsden quickly received the medical care he needed. 

On August 29, 2014, Marsden had all his teeth pulled and was shaved to remove the matted fur on his body.  He also had his ears cleaned.  He needed canned food for a couple of weeks and ear medication for about 10 days and he has done very well.  He was fostered by the most amazing of families who also are fostering several other cats and a family of puppies.  We can't thank you enough!

On August 3, 2015, Marsden decided that he wanted to take no chance on losing his favourite human, so he invited himself to stay with Archie for the rest of his life.  This made him a very lucky boy, right, Marsden? (aka Oscar The Grouch!)

On October 2, 2016, Marsden left us from complications related to his illness.  He is at Rainbow Bridge with so many other of our fortunate strays, fully healthy and playing in the cool grass and warm sunshine.  We'll see you again, Marsden.

My name is Sugarbell, I was born in 2000 and was surrendered to DunRoamin' by a breeder in the Centreville area on December 4th, 2014.  I came to them dirty, smelling of urine, had fleas, lice, over-grown toenails, inflamed ears, major dental disease, bladder stones and mammary tumours.  I came to them with a broken spirit.  I underwent surgery to remove the tumours, had complete tooth extractions and my recovery at Florenceville Veterinary Clinic (FVC) went very well.  On December 14, 2014 I was introduced to a couple who heard my story and they made arrangements with DunRoamin' to bring me into their home.  They admitted openly that they never had a dog before and knew absolutely nothing about caring for one - they would need a lot of help and advice. 

Wow...my thoughts: "What in heaven's name are you guys thinking, you're sending me home with these people!"  But then again, I knew nothing about being a dog either, other than having litter after litter of pups, year after year.  Maybe they were right, it was a perfect match after all and a huge learning curve for everyone involved, myself included.  With the help of DunRoamin' and the staff at FVC I thrived.  My doctor said that I would likely be gone in six months, boy oh boy... did I prove them wrong! 

In 22 months I learned what it was like to be a dog.  My journey began with housetraining and the 3 P's (patience, perseverance and praise).  That process took 6 weeks, not too shabby for a 14-year-old dog - most pups don't get it that quick!  I learned what it was like to be held and patted without fear, what it was like not to be hungry, to have a full belly, I gratefully accepted treats and I learned to wag my tail in happiness.  I learned to accept kindness and affection and I learned to give it back.  I learned to act as playfully as a puppy.  I was, for the first time in my life, being treated as a member of a family, in a home, not being used for the money I could bring someone.  I was being treated like a princess.  I became happy and unbroken. 

On July 5, 2015 I was placed in the permanent care of these humans, so I guess they must have learned something about dogs after all.  Go figure, Doc! I couldn't overcome that grooming stuff though, didn't like it one bit, but my friend Carol Anne did wonders with me and although I didn't appreciate it at the time, I would come home feeling better, prettier and more energetic.  Although my life as a dog came late in life, I was so thankful for the care I received from everyone involved to make sure I had the best life ever.  From the staff at FVC to the DunRoamin supporters who work so hard to help each and every animal that comes through their doors, my gratitude and thanks to you all. 

I brought joy and laughter to two homes.  Thank you Mumma Marian for the care and love you gave me when my other family traveled.  I may have come into your lives broken, but I left you with a happy heart, exceeding all of your expectations.  And most importantly, I learned in my short life as a dog what it was like to be loved by you all.  Until we meet again.   - Sugarbell

20 Oct 16

"Shane," her sisters Candida and Hettie and brothers Evan, Devon and Sherman all came to DunRoamin' on October 15, 2016 from Johnville where they had been found in a box on the doorstep of a camp.  The person delivering them threatened to shoot them if we did not take them.  Their mother was also brought with them, but escaped from the box and vehicle in which she was transported.  DunRoamin' set live traps which were checked frequentlys by caring volunteers in the hope of bringing her safely back to her babies.  They were born about August 15, 2016.  Shane, probably a Manx mix, has no tail.

Shane was examined by her vet at the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic and found to be very ill.  She had fur and feces matted to her anus which had become infected.  She also has dermatitis. All kittens had fleas and were hungry and thirsty.  All appeared to be loving, playful and affectionate little ones so have had some socialization with humans prior to being abandoned.

We are sad to report that Shane was unable to overcome her medical problems despite the intensive care provided to her and she left us on October 24, 2016.  She will be missed by her siblings and by her DunRoamin' friends.  We'll see you again, Shane.

"Argos" came to DunRoamin' on the evening of December 19, 2016 from the Florenceville area.  He is a Pitbull mix ho was born about August 19, 2016.  He had displayed neurological problems, was jaundiced, had tiny hemorhages all over his body and had diarrhea.  He was diagnosed with liver failure and, sadly, there was nothing to be done to help him.

Argos passed away, but in his last few hours he was warm, held, talked to and cuddled.  He is no longer sick or in pain and we know he's romping in the warm grass at Rainbow Bridge.  We'll see you there someday, Argos.

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