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These precious friends left their paw prints on our hearts.
We honour them here with their stories and look forward to seeing them again at Rainbow Bridge.

If you would like to post a memorial for your pet, please send an e-mail to inquiries@dunroaminstrayandrescue.com


"They that love beyond the world cannot be separated. Death cannot kill what never dies. Nor can Spirits ever be divided
that love and live in the same Divine Principle; the Root and Record of their Friendship.
Death is but crossing the world, as Friends to the seas; they live in one another still." ~ William Penn

"Gnocchi" came to the knowledge of a DunRoamin' friend in late December, 2019.  He was a beautiful little boy who, along with his four siblings and mother, were rescued and cared for by the most generous of hearts and spirits.  Sadly, he was unable to thrive and left us much too early.  He had been born on December 17, 2019.

Gnocchi had the best chance possible, but was unable to survive, despite the valiant efforts of his rescuer.  We all know that could it have been possible, it would have happened.  He is now at Rainbow Bridge where he enjoys the warmth, sunshine, companionship and love of all the other beautiful pets who reside there.  We'll see you again, little boy.  You were loved.

"Fury" came to DunRoamin' from Limestone, NB, on December 18, 2019.  He had been hanging out around a home for about a week and although they were feeding him, they realized he had more problems than they could help him with.

Fury was examined by his new vet friend, Dr Haines, and the following was learned:

- Fury had been born about December 18, 2011;
- he had never been neutered;
- he had several broken teeth which required extraction;
- his temperature was a bit low - he was cold;
- he had bite wounds, scabs and scars on his face, neck and legs;
- some hair was missing from his head and neck;
- he had a heart murmur and an enlarged heart;
- he was thin, weighing in at 9.7 pounds;
- he showed signs of pain/sensitivity on his spine;
- his right eye and cheek were swollen;
- he was dehydrated;
- he was mildly anemic; and
- he had parasites.

Fury received parasite control, vaccines, and all his remaining medical concerns were addressed.  He tested negative for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia and we hoped his heart murmur and other medical concerns would be fine with some medical care. 

Fury is a beautiful boy who ploughed into the food he was given, even eating off his new vet friend's fingers.  He seemed to realize he was among friends and kneaded his bed in contentment.  He was given pain medication and received the very best of care, now that he is warm, fed, safe and cared for.  He looked forward to being an indoor cat with a family who will love and care for him forever.  

Sadly, this was not to be.   Instead of feeling better, in early 2020 Fury began to feel worse, despite all medical care provided.  An additional x-ray revealed that his heart was even larger and a tumour had grown in a very short period of time.  On the afternoon of January 3, 2020, Fury left us, surrounded by his new friends.  He is now healthy, happy and playing with all his new friends at Rainbow Bridge.  We are glad we had the opporunity to get to know you, Fury.  We'll see you again.

"Chelsea" came to us on January 13, 2020 from Woodstock, NB.    She had entered into a colony of cats that was being fed by a kind and generous gentleman who noticed she did not seem well.  She was brought into his home and cared for until the earliest opportunity for her to get to help.  She was born about January 13, 2018.

Sadly, Chelsea's injuries were too severe.  She had sustained injuries that were unable to be repaired and she left us shortly after her arrival.  We are grateful that she had the kindness of the gentleman who found her and that she knew love.  We will see you again at Rainbow Bridge where we know you are running happily with all your new friends, including DunRoamin' friends.

"Pinto" came to us on December 13, 2019 from the Woodstock area where he had been a stray who had been hanging around a house for several months.  He appeared to have problems with his mouth, including the inability to eat well.  Pinto was born about December 13, 2011, so was not a young kitten anymore.  He had probably been on his own for quite some time and had finally found someone who would help him.

Pinto was examined and the following was learned:  he was underweight, had ear mites and fleas and the worst part was that he had marked dental disease.  We've all had a toothache at one point or another and we know how much that hurts.  He also had an ulcerated tongue which caused him much pain and made it very difficult to chew and swallow.

Pinto received all medical help possible.  He was timid at first, but learned that all these new people, sights and smells were in his best interest for renewed health and a whole new life for him.  On December 18, 2019, Pinto tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV - please read below). 

On January 16, 2020, Pinto left us as his body was unable to overcome his disease, regardless of all medical and emotional assistance provided.  We wish we had met you sooner, Pinto.  All your friends, your favourite vet tech and all your caregivers will never forget you.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge where we know you are warm and safe with all your friends and are eating up a storm of all the best food you ever wanted. You will be missed.

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) is found in cats worldwide.  It may be spread by saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces and milk from infected cats.  Cat-to-cat transfer of the virus may occur from a bite wound, during mutual grooming and (though rarely) through the shared use of litter boxes and feeding dishes.  Transfer may also take place from an infected mother cat to her kittens, either before they are born or while they are nursing.

To learn more about the Feline Leukemia Virus,
please click on this link or consult your veterinarian.

"Roni" is a beautiful little girl who loved to snuggle.  She came to DunRoamin' on January 6, 2020 from the Grand Falls area along with her four siblings who were born on December 17, 2019 and appeared to be collie mixes.  Her foster mother tells us the following about this little sweetheart:

"When it is feeding time she is very vocal and gets very excited.  Occasionally I will hear her let out tiny little barks that just melt my heart.  Her bigger brothers will try to pick on her but she always sticks up for herself and fights back.  Roni is very smart.  She caught onto eating off a plate rather than drinking from a bottle very quickly."

We are so sad to report that little Roni passed away on the morning of January 19, 2019.  She was well loved and cared for, but sadly, some things are not meant to be.  She will be waiting for all her human friends who rescued, loved and cared for her at Rainbow Bridge where she'll see them all again one day.

Digger, we lost our fur baby on December 30, 2019. He was a great buddy, friend and protector.  He would sit at my feet when I was resting.  Sit under table by my feet until I was done.  He liked peanuts and other little treats. He would do tricks for these treats. We miss you very much when we look out the window and see your empty dog house.

You were one Lucky, loved pet

Love from your family

23 Jan 20

"The Great Catsby" came to DunRoamin' on December 7, 2015 from the Woodstock area.  He was emaciated and had numerous wounds on his entire body which were at least several days, if not weeks, old.  He had been in pain for awhile.  It is estimated that he was born about December 7, 2012.

This little boy was in extremely serious condition.  He was not ready to quit, though, so neither were we.  He had the best possible care from his new vets and soon was able to begin eating on his own.  He received medication daily, laser treatment to help his wounds heal and all the ear and chin scratches that he desired (and that was a lot!!).

Catsby is grateful for the kind person who brought him for help and the compassion and skill of his vets which have made it possible for him to have this chance at becoming healthy, happy and getting a new and loving home.  His ongoing medication has relieved him of his itchiness and allowed his fur to grow back and he feels WONDERFUL!

Catsby had the pleasure of living with friends in the Perth-Andover area since November, 2016 where he enjoyed the company of lots of friends, including humans, cats and dogs.  We are sad to report that on January 30, 2020, Catsby left us as the result of cancer.  He will be well missed by all.  We'll see you again some day, Catsby.

Ashes Allaby – 10 December 2012 – 12 Feb 2020

My Ashes went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning - she had gone blind and was having seizures so we had her on medication for that - a couple of weeks ago she weighed in at 6lbs, this morning she was down almost 3lbs. The vet originally thought it was an infection but today said that due to the evidence and how much she had failed, that she had a tumour - which had been the worst case scenario the first time around. The decision was made to let her go be healthy and happy with her Nanna and all her siblings and cousins we've lost. She had lived with us for just over 7 years and was a little love. She was as precious to me (and Rayma) as Miss Sylvie is to Rayma (and me). She is missed but I know she's better off - I hate making the decision but I believe there was no other option. She wouldn't have survived a surgery.

Ash was a quiet little girl and didn’t talk much – she didn’t like being held, or if she tolerated it, it was for a short period of time only. She was independent and, up to the last few weeks, seemed very healthy so her getting sick the way she did was a real shock. She lost her voice and couldn’t tell me how she felt so I don’t have any words to share from her so here’s her story, as I know it.

She was born on or around 10 Dec 2012 – and I don’t know how the first few weeks were like but on 21 Jan 2013 she and her 5 siblings were found in a box beside a garbage dumpster in Woodstock. The person who found them brought them to work with him and left them in the car with the heater and engine running. When he told me, I immediately called my sister Rayma to come get them. We ended up taking the smallest one on an emergency run to the vet clinic. DunRoamin agreed to take them on and we agreed to foster them. We loved them immediately and wanted to keep them so formally adopted them 28 Mar 13. I had to hand feed Ashes as she wasn’t big enough to eat on her own. She ate out of the palm of my hand since she was so hungry. I knew that she was my baby and I didn’t want to let her go. She lived a happy life and knew she was loved for the entire time she was with us.

Just after Christmas 2019 we noticed that she was acting strangely. She didn’t come running for her soft food when called and she was wandering around. We noticed her eyes weren’t reacting to the light so we got her in to see Dr Mike Rennick at the Florenceville Vet Clinic – which is when he gave us the two options in the first paragraph. We went with the first and were going to start her on a course of treatment but we never got to it. She had a series of seizures. I didn’t see the first 3 but Rayma had described them to me. I was there for the last one (that we were aware of) and it was not a normal seizure, not like the ones we know Miss Sylvie, another of the group of kittens we referred to as the Six. It was scary for her, me and her aunt Rayma. She went on seizure medication. We, Rayma and I, believe that she lost herself during that last seizure as she was starting to rally before it.

This morning, we were given the second diagnosis based on what Dr Mike observed. We had lost Rayma's Bootsie a few years before to a tumour so we have no doubts that Dr Mike was absolutely right. We would like to thank DunRoamin for allowing us the privilege of having 6 wonderful kittens to love, and the FLV for giving the best vet care possible. Love to all of you from us, and love to my Ashes at the Rainbow Bridge.

"Perry" came to us on July 26, 2018 from a local shelter that had no place to house an FeLV-positive cat.  As Beadle and Charity, also FeLV-positive cats, were always up for company, Perry was immediately welcomed!

Perry was born about June 14, 2017 and is a beautiful little boy.  He had been hanging around and was being fed since last winter and had finally agreed to come inside.  He had already been neutered, so had belonged to someone prior to his arrival.   His vaccines were brought up to date and he was tested for FIV (negative results) and FeLV (positive results).  Since he tested positive for FeLV, he will be kept segregated from other FeLV-negative cats to ensure it is not transmitted.   Other than having an infected toe which was treated, Perry was perfectly healthy.   He is a beautiful boy who showed trust and affection to us without hesitation.  He would love to live in a home either by himself or with another FeLV-positive cat.  Please read about FeLV below.  Perry was very fortunate to be fostered by a very caring family with another FeLV+ cat, Beadle since September 10, 2018, where he was spoiled beyond belief!  Yahooooo!  Finally!!  Beadle and Perry became best friends and, on May 26, 2019, were adopted by their loving foster family.

We are so sad to report that on March 5, 2020, Perry left us, surrounded by his DunRoamin' friends.  He will be remembered for his love of life, his love of his canine siblings (he could always be found among the forest of canine legs, or under a warm puppy!), his love of chips and dip, and his love of his family of canines, felines and humans.  You will be missed, Perry.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge.

                 Perry & Beadle                      Perry & Grace

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) is found in cats worldwide.  It may be spread by saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces and milk from infected cats.  Cat-to-cat transfer of the virus may occur from a bite wound, during mutual grooming and (though rarely) through the shared use of litter boxes and feeding dishes.  Transfer may also take place from an infected mother cat to her kittens, either before they are born or while they are nursing.

To learn more about the Feline Leukemia Virus,
please click on this link or consult your veterinarian.

On April 15, 2020, seven little baby kittens came to DunRoamin' from Dumfries, NB..  They had been found on April 11, 2020 on the side of the road in an area with no homes or buildings.  Approximately 10 other cats several months older had also been found.  Almost all were friendly and their rescuers assumed someone had dumped them as the location was remote and most cats were friendly, obviously having been around people before.  These seven babies were born approximately April 8, 2020 and no mother was located, despite intense efforts to help them.

We are sad to report that on April 17, 2020, little "Adam" left us.  He was the smallest of the group and was not able to overcome the challenges required of him, despite the best of care. His siblings will miss him and we'll look forward to seeing him playing at Rainbow Bridge one day.

"Penne" came to DunRoamin' from the NBSPCA on December 27, 2019 with her puppies (Ravioli, Mac & Roni, Gnocci and Orzo).  She was estimated to be 1-2 years of age, weighed 30 lbs and is a small mixed breed dog (she has short legs and a long back like a Corgi, but is coloured like a Sheltie).  After her puppies were born, she became extremely stressed and defensive and bit one of her caretakers badly.  She was accepted by DunRoamin' to try to work with her and see if she could be settled into a home, with or without her puppies. 

Over the following weeks her puppies were weaned and sent to a different foster home and now Penne is thriving.  She is fine with dogs and cats, and is affectionate and playful.  She is very vocal, so should not be adopted out to a home with anyone living in an apartment.  She is prone to guarding her toys and food.  Because of her personality and history, she needs a home with no young children, and an owner who will respect her when she shows that she is not happy. 

On April 18, 2020, we are sad to report that Penne left us.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Little One. 

"Edge" came to DunRoamin' on November 6, 2011 from Woodstock where she had come to the home of some people who had just moved to New Brunswick.  She was a stray and they could not help her.  Edge was dehydrated,   Edge was dehydrated, had a stomach mass, fleas, ear mites and was vomiting.  Thankfully, her new vet was there to help and she was soon healthy and ready for a home..

Edge is a beautiful little girl with a wonderful loving personality.   She was born about May 1, 2010.  In November, 2013, she was invited to become a member of our Cats For Seniors program and she lived happily in Hartland with her senior until February, 2020, when she was noticed to not be eating well.  She was brought back to veterinary care and it was learned that she had a cancerous tumour on her spleen which had migrated to her liver.   Sadly, despite all tests, medications and care, this tumour became too much for her.  Edge left us on April 19, 2020.  She will be missed by her senior, her friends and her foster families.  She was a beautiful, loving, caring, perfect little girl and we were so lucky to have had her in our lives.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Edge.  In the meantime, enjoy the warm sunshine patches that you loved so much.  We miss you.

"Ridge" came to DunRoamin' on March 17, 2020 from the Hartland area.  He was emaciated, had frostbite on his ears, was matted, had burdocks in his fur, had upper respiratory infection so bad that his eyes were glued shut and he tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  Ridge was born about March 17, 2015.

Ridge is a sweetheart who definitely needed help.  He showed his gratitude for the medical care he received by purring and kneading at the first sight or sound of one of his human admirers and servants.  He was also grateful for his food, warm bed, new friends and medical care.  He is a beautiful, loving, attentive, affectionate little boy.  As of March 30, 2020, he was feeling a bit better, and as of April 12, 2020, he had put on a full pound of weight.  Sadly, his recovery was not to be.  Regardless of the medical care and love with which he was provided, he was unable to recover and he left us on April 21, 2020.  He was well loved by all who knew him and we are grateful that we were able to give him some love and care for the five weeks he was with us.  He knew love and he gave just as much back.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Ridge.  You will never be forgotten.

** FIV is contagious to other cats through blood and saliva.  It is reasonably difficult to spread, however, and now believed to be mostly spread through deep bite wounds.  Obviously it would be ideal if FIV-positive cats only lived with other FIV-positive cats, but currently some of the large rescue centers in the US have been studying multi-cat households with FIV-positive cats living with FIV-negative cats and have found the risk to the non-FIV cats to be very small, assuming that the cats are all spayed/neutered and used to living in groups (ie:  not as likely to fight).  

Please read about FIV here.

"Kuwertz" came to DunRoamin' on July 17, 2019 from Temple.  He was extremely dehydrated and in much pain.  Kuwertz had blocked, meaning that crystals forming in his urine now blocked his ureter and urine could not leave his body.  He was not feeling good at all and he needed help NOW.  As no one else could help him, he came to us.  He was born about January 17, 2013 and was named in honour of some fast friends of DunRoamin'.  

Kuwertz had renal damage and a urinary tract infection.  He received IV fluids, had a catheter inserted and was prescribed pain medication.  He will eat canned Urinary S/O food to help him along.  Kuwertz initially tested positive for Feline Leukemia, so he was segregated for three months and retested, which confirmed his FeLV-positive status.  Please read below to learn about this disease.

On October 17, 2019, Kuwertz was happily accepted by our very good friends in Plaster Rock where he joined three other FeLV-positive DunRoamin' cats Beadle, Perry and Miata, as well as their canine DunRoamin' foster brother Ashton and several other wonderful dog friends.  Kuwertz must eat only RC Urinary S/O food, so will have separate eating quarters, but will have plenty of friends and family.   Congratulations, Kuwertz!  We are all so fortunate to have such great friends and supporters.

We are so very sorry to report that on Friday, May 1, 2020, Kuwertz left us.  His disease had finally overcome him and his lungs were filling with fluid.  He left us that morning, with his loving mother at his side.  We are so grateful that he had such a wonderful home.  Kuwertz told his mother and father all about his past experiences (numerous times!) and could be heard talking all over the house.  He was very quick to come running at the sound of a chip bag being opened, because that meant chip dip, which he LOVED!! 

Kuwertz, also known as Grey Kitty 2.0, was
full of love, personality and humour.  He was loved right back by his canine, feline and
human family and friends, as you can see in
the photo on the left.  In the photo on the
right, he is sleeping under his puppy friend, Grace - it's toasty warm, right?

Kuwertz also loved human food.  This photo
shows him  eyeing the remainder of his mother's breakfast pie - apple is his favourite!  By the
time she had finished her phone conversation,
the empty plate was on the floor and he was
already telling her another story! 

We are truly grateful that these beautiful FeLV cats receive loving homes and families.  They give back so much more than we can ever give them.  We are also grateful beyond words for their families who, without a doubt or hesitation, accept them into their homes where they live the life they deserve.
Thank you.
We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Grey Kitty.

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) is found in cats worldwide.  It may be spread by saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces and milk from infected cats.  Cat-to-cat transfer of the virus may occur from a bite wound, during mutual grooming and (though rarely) through the shared use of litter boxes and feeding dishes.  Transfer may also take place from an infected mother cat to her kittens, either before they are born or while they are nursing.

To learn more about the Feline Leukemia Virus,
please click on this link or consult your veterinarian.

"Elfin" came to us on May 29, 2020 from the Connell area of Florenceville.  She was born about April 23, 2020, so was only about five weeks old.  She and her five siblings had been found alone on a dirt road and we are not at sure what had happened to their mom, but it appeared she had not been with them for a while.

Elfin was in the worst shape of all six kittens.  She was emaciated, dehydrated, had conjunctivitis, ocular discharge, was covered in maggots and burdocks and was minimally responsive when examined by her vet.  Her blood sugar was too low to read, and had she not been brought for help . . . we don't want to think about that.  All kittens were prescribed antibiotics to help them overcome their medical issues.  Elfin was fostered by FVC vet staff (Thank You!!) so that she would have the professional round-the-clock medical care she needed to survive and we prayed that she would be okay.  Unfortunately, despite all, that was not meant to be.

Elfin left us on the evening of May 29, 2020.  We are comforted by the fact that she was warm, safe, pain-free and loved for her twelve hours with us.  But we are once again saddened that such terrible things happen to such innocent babies.  Please spay and neuter your pets and keep them indoors, safe and healthy.

"Chisholm" came to us on June 5, 2020 from Centreville where he had developed breathing problems and his owners were unable to care for him.  Chisholm was born about March 27, 2020, so was only about 10 weeks old - just a baby.   He desperately needed medical care and, thankfully, Dr Rennick was there for him.  Thank you!

Chisholm was diagnosed with pneumonia.  He underwent chest x-rays and was prescribed antibiotics and steroids.  He also had fleas which were immediately treated.  

Chisholm was fortunate to be under the 24-hour care of the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic where he received the best of medical care.  He was named after some strong, generous and caring people to ensure he had the best.  He was cared for 24 hours a day by his foster veterinarian, but we are sad to report that Chisholm's pneumonia was too much for him, despite all medical assistance provided.  He left us on June 7, 2020.  He was pain-free, safe and warm.  He knew kindness, compassion and love.  We are grateful to all who had a part in helping this beautiful little boy.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, little one.

"Karson" and his brothers Keon and Kibble came to us on June 5, 2020 from Arthurette.  They had been born about May 1, 2020, so were only about five weeks old.  All kittens had serious conjunctivitis and had no other option for life.  Little Karson was very thin and both eyes were swollen and infected.  He was prescribed antibiotics, eye drops and subcutaneous fluids. 

Thanks to a generous FVC staff member, all three little ones had round-the-clock medical care in their foster home.  Thanks, Meaghan!  They were then fostered by DunRoamin' staff where they enjoyed themselves other immensely!

We are sad to report that, despite the best of love and care, Karson's health deteriorated and he left us on the afternoon of June 19, 2020.   His siblings miss him, his foster families miss him and all of DunRoamin' is sad that this little boy had to leave us so early in his life.  We are grateful that he knew two weeks of love and care.  He knew love very well.

This is yet another reminder to spay and neuter your pets so that more do not suffer and die needlessly.  Please help us make certain that this doesn't continue to happen.  Please donate to our D-SNAP program which helps to spay and neuter low-income or colony cats.  Your assistance in helping these little ones is desperately needed and greatly appreciated.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Little One.

"Lena" came to us on the afternoon of Father's Day, June 21, 2020 from Anderson Road, NB where she had been found lying on some hot rocks by some people visiting that location from Moncton.  The temperature the previous week had been in the high 30*s each day.  Lena was skinny and very unsteady on her feet when they attempted to help her walk.  She was accepted by DunRoamin' who requested the help of a Florenceville Veterinary Clinic vet tech who responded immediately to ensure she would be okay. A short time later, Dr Monteith examined her to assess her physical condition.  Lena was determined to have been born about June 21, 2019, was weak, skinny (weighing only 3.8 lbs), had a fever, an ulcerated tongue and required IV fluids to supplement her.  Lena was in rough shape, but was happy to eat a few bites.

Lena was checked on several times during the late evening by caring staff and seemed to be doing well, but we are sad to announce that she was not strong enough to survive despite medical intervention.  She passed away on the morning of June 22.  She was fortunate to have had caring people in her life for the hours since she had been found all alone.  We are grateful for her rescuers, for Marley and for Dr Monteith, all of whom took time from their day off (Father's Day) to ensure that she was cared for and received the best medical attention possible.  We are glad she experienced love for her final hours.  We'll see you at Rainbow Bridge where we know you are now healthy, happy and playing in the cool grass until we see you again.

"Olaf" returned to DunRoamin' on June 2, 2020 from Centreville where his owner could no longer care for him.  He had originally been adopted on January 25, 2015 after he had come to us due to upper respiratory infection and wounds on his left front leg.  He is a beautiful little boy who weighs a bit more than he should and needs a good diet and lots of exercise.  A dental exam revealed that he needed 10 of his teeth removed (he's feeling much better now!) and has a luxating patella on his left hind leg, but he displays no discomfort.

Olaf was born about February 27, 2009.  He has become a favourite due to his laid-back personality and love of all things that move, talk, or not!!  We are sad to report that on August 27, 2020, Olaf left us.  He was diagnosed with a kidney tumour and had stones in his liver too numerous to count.  We are so sad to no longer have the joy of those beautiful eyes to greet us in the mornings.  You are very much missed, Big Guy, but know you are feeling so much better now.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge.

"Rizzo" originally came to DunRoamin' on May 23, 2011 from Hartland, NB where he had been found with an injury to his left hind leg, ear mites, an excessive number of ticks, and this little boy was emaciated and starving.  He received medical care and met a man who fell in love immediately and had a wonderful life with his new family.  On August 16, 2016, he returned to us as he was experiencing frequent and ongoing problems with diarrhea.  He was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and as it became more difficiult for his owner to medicate and care for him, he again became a ward of DunRoamin'.  A gorgeous and very personable cat, he won the heart of every last person he met.

On October 21, 2016, he went to live in the Perth area where he was fostered by a loving family which also included other DunRoamin' cats and dogs.  Rizzo loved it there.  He was on multiple medications which made his condition much better, but sadly, on August 7, 2020, Rizzo lost his battle with IBS.  We all miss him, most especially his foster family.  We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Rizzo. 


Bernice came to DunRoamin' on August 31, 2012 after losing several fights with porcupines. She was surrendered to DunRoamin' and on September 8, 2012 she became a member of the Kuwertz family where she enjoyed everything from cuddles to car rides, walks around the neighbourhood then, in later years, simply roaming around the yard.   

Bernice was always an important member of our family, spending time with her human Mom and the daycare children during the day and sleeping with her human sister at night.  Her human Father would always buy her the best food possible and some really tasty treats.

In 2019, her human sister had some graduation photos taken by Lynn Murphy.  Of course Bernice had to be part of them.   Melissa's Pet Services pampered her with a bath, brush and blow dry and the photos turned out better then we could have ever expected.  

As time ticked on, Bernice started experiencing problems associated with being an older, extra large dog.  By July of 2020, she had difficulty standing up, walking and her quality of life just went down hill, fast.

On Saturday, August 8th, with the help of the amazing staff at FVC, we said good bye to Bernice.  She was 12 1/2 years old.  There isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss her.  She left big paw prints to fill.

"Wynter" came to us on June 30, 2020, from the Perth-Andover area where she had been found in the deep grass with her mother, Whimsy and sister Waverleigh.  Wynter had been born only a week earlier, about June 23, 2020.  Sadly, Wynter had been born with a defect in her spine which did not allow her the use of her hind legs.  She was also incontinent and could not control her bowls, making it very uncomfortable for her. 

Wynter was fostered by some kind friends in Woodstock where she experienced the very best of friendship, play, companionship and care, but sadly, it was not to be.  Despite all the love, medical care and tears, Wynter left us in the late afternoon of September 29, 2020.  She was well loved, well cared for and we are so fortunate to have known this beautiful little girl.  She's now running like a bolt of lightning through the cool soft grass at Rainbow Bridge with all her new friends.  We will see you there one day, Little One.  In the meantime, we miss you and your foster family misses you most of all.  You are loved.

"Notorious" and her sisters Bader and Ginsburg came from the Centreville area on September 25, 2020 where they had been found on a rock pile with no mother.  They had been born about September 2, 2020.  Unfortunately, the mother was not with them, so she will, no doubt, continue to have more litters of unwanted kittens.

These little ones were eating on their own and were fostered by a vet tech who took excellent care of them.  Sadly, little Notorious was unable to survive, despite all efforts by her loving humans.  She left us in the early morning of October 6, 2020.  Her sisters will miss her, as will all her DunRoamin' friends.  We'll see you again, Notorious.  You did your namesake proud.


"Baffle" came to us on June 21, 2019 from Woodstock through the NB SPCA.  Baffle was born about June 21, 2005 and is a beautiful orange tabby female.

Baffle was severely matted, had fleas, was very skinny, dehydrated and had an ulcerated mouth which made it painful for her to eat - perhaps that's why she was so terribly thin.

Baffle has a beautiful personality.  She loves everyone, and now that she has had all her mats removed, is receiving medication as necessary and all the food and water she can ingest, she's so much better.  She had to have a feeding tube inserted as she was not able to receive food and medication through her mouth due to her ulcers.  We hoped we could find this little senior cat a nice, loving home where she might live out the rest of her years in  love and comfort.

On January 30, 2020, Baffle won the jackpot.  She had been fostered by a very caring vet tech for several weeks and worked her marvelous charm on her - she couldn't possibly do without her in her life!  She was welcomed as a permanent (and very spoiled) old lady who has several new permanent siblings, including DunRoamin's Tawny who is also spoiled beyond her wildest dreams!  Congratulations, Baffle!  Thanks to your mom - for everything!!

We are sad to report that Baffle left us on October 19, 2020.  We are comforted with the knowledge that she had all the love and care she could possibly receive and was spoiled well beyond anything she could have possibly dreamed.  We will all miss you, Baffle, but you made yourself such a huge part of your family that you will never, ever be forgotten.  We know you are playing in the warm sunshine and Rainbow Bridge and we look forward to seeing you there again.

"Sync" came to DunRoamin' from the Rosedale area on February 22, 2020.  She was born about January 18, 2005, so was definitely a senior citizen who appeared to be a quiet, shy and loving little tortie. She had been peeing inappropriately for the past few months and her family was no longer able to take care of her.   She was already spayed prior to her arrival.

Sync  was assessed by her new vet who performed tests to determine that she had a urinary tract infection which was treated with antibiotics and pain medication.  She also had a mammary gland tumour.  She has used her litter box consistently since her arrival - she just needed a little medication to help with her infection. 

Sync eventually developed more mammary masses and was given the best of love and care where she received the best of everything from her foster mom and foster siblings.  Sync was happy to be spoiled rotten, get the best of food, love, friends and cuddles.  Thanks, Ashley, for all you've donefor her and for everything you do for all these beautiful strays.

We are so very sad to report that Sync left us on the morning of October 22, 2020, surrounded by her family.  Thank you for all you gave us, Sync.  You will never be forgotten.

"Ennis" became a ward of DunRoamin' in the late afternoon of March 11, 2015 when she was abandoned in a box outside the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic along with Solar (adopted) whom we suspected was her sister.  They were born about March 10, 2014.

Ennis had infection in both ears but was otherwise healthy.  She was scared, of course, but has done well.  She was uninterested in eating and had to be fed several times daily by syringe, but she soon decided that the food at DunRoamin' wasn't so bad and was soon eating very well on her own.  She likes to snuggle with other cats for comfort and she would like a quiet home where she would get lots of attention, preferably with another cat for company.  She is initially timid of humans, but is content to be in the same room and even accepts a pat or rub every once in awhile.  She will most probably not ever be a lap cat, but she is a beautiful girl who deserves a chance at a loving home and family.  She was fostered by a loving family in Currie Siding, along with her friend Trickle since February 5, 2017.  We thank them for the care she has received in the past three and a half years.

We are sad to report that Ennis left us on October 29, 2020.  She will be missed by all who knew her.  We will see you again at Rainbow Bridge, little girl.  Enjoy the green grass and warm sunshine!

On July 3, 2018, a tiny black kitten became a ward of DunRoamin' after being found all alone on a driveway.  Having been born only two days before and with no mother in sight, he needed round the clock care to survive.  He received the very best of care from his foster family who tended to his every need.

"Pampurr" was the cutest little black ball of fluff and had the bluest of kitten eyes.  He grew and began to do all of the typical kitten things: running, climbing and playing.  He also suffered from health
complications which a special diet and medication offered him some relief.  Despite this, he was the happiest, cuddliest and most loving kitten.

But as he grew older his health worsened.  On October 28, 2020, Pampurr made his way to Rainbow Bridge surrounded by some of those who knew and loved him the most.  We wish we could have had more time with him - two and a half years was not nearly enough.  We're comforted in knowing that he was loved so much; he soaked up all of the love we gave him, and he gave just as much back in return.

There are so many things that we're going to miss about you, Pampurr.  We miss the way you were always so eager to climb onto our shoulders for a cuddle.  We miss that you would nuzzle your head into our neck
whenever we held you as if you couldn't get close enough.  We miss that you had an obsession with our footwear; we're not sure why, but you loved playing with our shoes!  We miss seeing you wrestle with Trez; he was nearly twice your size but you could hold your own against him.  We're sure that Trez missed having these sparring matches with you; they became less frequent as you became more ill.  We miss that you loved your treats (even if they were hypoallergenic!) and that if we left the bag unattended you would be trying to rip it open for more!  We miss that, despite your health conditions, you were always the sweetest, most loving cat and were always happy to accept some pats, chin scratches or

We know you're running pain free and perfectly healthy now at Rainbow Bridge.  Be sure to play with all of the shoes and enjoy all of the tasty food until we see you again.  We love you, Pampurr.
"Denver" came to DunRoamin' on March 14, 2020.   He was then adopted to a home were he had two new dog friends and five cats to boss around and play with.  Denver enjoyed the fun outside and loved destroying any toy inside.  He always loved going for drives in the car - especially on the driver's side.  But sadly, he passed on the 12th of November surrounded by his two humans after finding out he had a tumor growing inside his stomach.  He will be missed by them, his brother Divet and sister Zola even though he always got the passenger seat while going for drives.  But now he can be pain free and have all the carrots (treats) and peanut butter he could ever want.  Rest easy, Denver and you will be never forgotten. 

"Candle" came to DunRoamin' on December 11, 2020 from a colony of dozens that was growing unchecked - they needed help.  Candle was emaciated, dehydrated, had upper respiratory infection, severe ear mites, fleas, stomatitis, missing and loose teeth, conjunctivitis, urine scald, and a purulent discharge from her eyes.  She had been born about June 11, 2020, so was only about six months old but weighed less than two pounds.

Everything possible was done by the best of medical professionals to help this little girl, but sadly, it was not to be.  Candle left us on the morning of December 12, 2020.  We are grateful that she felt no pain, had food, a warm, soft bed and was surrounded by her friends with whom she had lived for her entire life.  We wish we could have done more, Candle.  We will see you again at Rainbow Bridge where we know you will be playing and soaking up the warm sun in the cool green grass.  You have earned it.

"Wreath" came to DunRoamin' on December 11, 2020 from a colony of dozens that was growing unchecked - they needed help.  She was very thin, had ear mites, upper respiratory infection and fleas.

Wreath was a beautiful little girl who was born about September 20, 2020.  Sadly, she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart that was unable to sustain her.  It is with very sad hearts that we announce that she left us on December 29, 2020.  We are consoled by the fact that she had good food, a warm bed, lots of feline and human friends to make her happy and that she was experiencing no pain. 

We will miss you, Wreath.  We are fortunate to have had the honour of having known you.  We will see you again at Rainbow Bridge, Little One.

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